Dr. Tarshia Stanley

There are many …

There are many of us. Little girls who hid underneath the covers at night with flashlights, reading long past our bedtimes. We bought little plastic wallets just so we could flip them open with the right amount of attitude and dazzle the librarians with our borrower’s cards. While others dreamed of Emmys or Grammys we thought about book tours and cover art. We entered writing contests recommended to us by our teachers and even those we found on the back of cereal boxes. Life often got in the way of our daydreams and nighttime schemes. But every once in a while our literary dreams do come true.

Tarshia Stanley


English Faculty: Tarshia Stanley, Ph.D.

Tarshia L. Stanley, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the English department. She teaches courses in film studies and visual imagery, particularly as it pertains to images of women.  She has authored several articles critiquing Black women in African American, African, and Caribbean cinema as well as Black female iconography in American popular culture.  She edited The Encyclopedia of Hip Hop Literature published by Greenwood Press in 2008, and is at work on a manuscript called Mothering Our Daughters: Mediating the Messages. The book stems from her work on a conference by the same name that she has hosted at Spelman College since 2002. Stanley received an A.B. from Duke University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Florida where she was a McKnight Doctoral Fellow